Corporate Info

For any review and viewing purposes, IPTC have various useful documents available on our website. This ranges from the Institute’s partnerships and campus structure to the sustainability of our green policies.

As well as the strategy our Institute is available relating to our Campus Plan, an ambitious plan for the 20 years ahead.

Some information is required by law to be published and sector specific regulations.

Key Institutional Information

Visit the following links to be brought to our PDF files, or access the key Institutional information. If any information you are looking for cannot be found or is unavailable to access, it is due to accessing it off campus. Please follow the Request Information link.

Access to Information

  • Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
  • Requesting Information
  • Data Protection
  • Charitable Status Information


The IPTC has to maintain a Register of Interests and a Register of Gifts and Hospitality. These details of how to register an interest or gift can be found at the Request Information about Register.