“To Do Good Is To Give Back Into The World” – Be Part of The Solution (<sliders on the page with different images but same quote)

What is IPTC Giving? It is the gift of kindness and passing on the truth to the others. Whether you are a student, an alumnus, a professor or a staff on our faculty team, we here at IPTC welcomes you to offer your kindness and help to spread it around from our circle of network.

Alumni Giving

As the alumnus, your gift is the legacy of IPTC that you have helped to pass on, with not only the prizes you won or the academics excellence that you have achieved, but also passing on your IPTC torch to your juniors.

Current News

In the hopes of giving back to the ICPT community

Ms Ellies Quiennie (class of 2009) have founded the Quiennie May Advisory Scholarship for students in need at IPTC businesses school in order for students with financial needs to win her scholarship and complete their degree.

Real life Marry Poppins at IPTC

As part of the volunteer program set up at IPTC, Miss Tutch (class of 2005) have been helping students at IPTC to give back to our community the kindness she have experience when she was a student here. With her positive can do attitude and her whimsical youthful nature, she has tutored many secondary, university and polytechnic students along with her fellow alumni.

Entrepreneurship starts from young

Mr Marcus (class of 2008), after being a successful business starter for years, have invested in Entrepreneuring to Success, a scholarship program specifically for Marketing and Business students at IPTC with his belief that they can start their businesses young.