Global Dialogue @ IPTC

Traditionalist’s approach to Strategic Thesis Debates on Financial Port: Global Dialogue at IPTC

In our growing world of capitalism and globalisation, we need to ask the questions about how the industry and economy is heading towards. The areas to take note of, the opportunities the future will present, all is important and needs to be part of every plan and execution in order to not only succeed, be the blue print as well.

Timely Forum
With the recent heated political agendas and upcoming natural disasters in the Asian Pacific ports, we need to think ahead as to what this means for the future of the trading and dispute between the Eastern and Western investors. Before this blow over – which we have no clue on when or how – we need to take precautions and make a decision that concerns thousands of assets and jobs by hundreds of thousands of workers.

Global Financial Crisis
To avoid any upholding in crisis time, we have to prepare, during the global meeting with worldly leaders, not only about the business factor but the humanitarian awareness abut the state of the global economical measures as well. We seek the attention and aid of worldly financial leaders and experts to help and prevent the crash of a second economical sector.
In a nutshell, do we, as an organisation have the power we need to be part of the growing problem and the much needed leading as to what will be going on in the future – no one knows.