Global Programmes

International Relations

At Imperial Program Training Centre, we have many years of partnership with many overseas institutes and universities who have the same mindset and goals as us; to provide conducive education and give excellence for the students. For the past decade, IPTC have engaged and built relationships with leading institutes around the world in order to foster students and faculty exchange to collaborate research and cross cultural learning.

Our international team is committed to support the exchange relations. With active participation on international partnerships leading to exciting opportunities for faculty and students thus providing environment fit for any ground breaking research. We focus on the networking programmes that will enhance the pre-existing partnerships thus seek out opportunistic advantages along with IPTC’s international strategy.

By fostering dialogue and understanding between international partners, we can form stronger bi-lateral partnerships and look after a number of international alliances and networks. If you are looking for potential international partner as part of IPTC, head down to our general faculty office to learn more about us.