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“Donate Your Health Care Data Today
If you’re reading this, you’ve probably become increasingly concerned about your data, and for good reason: It seems that every day, we wake up to news about a new data breach Close X or privacy violation, encouraging collective paranoia to travel widely and well.
This fear is perhaps most justified when it comes to matters as intimate as our health — there is something haunting about the image of an attacker with unauthorized access to our treatment records, medication protocol and comprehensive electronic health records. On the other hand, should we really be so worried that people will find out about our history of arrhythmia or the results of a recent blood test? In reality, it is not the existence of this data that’s dangerous but the intent of the agents who can obtain it and what they choose to use it for.
If you’re online — and you are — chances are someone is using your information. We’ll tell you what you can do about it.”

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