Incoming Non-Graduating Students

International Exchange Students

Join the trail of IPTC with the unique cultural difference of English programmes where we will be organising various cuisine and activities native to England. We feature classrooms, laboratories, career programmes and learn about the port of leading Fine Arts museums on campus and the Science institution at our University.

With over 5,000 students, from local to international students, we will be offering a myriad and enriching array of programmes to engage you on our campus as one of the renowned global institution.

Semesterly Exchange at IPTC

Applications for AY 2020/2021 Semester is now open from 21th September to 27th October

Our semesterly exchange program accepts students from foreign countries to study, research or work on campus and part of the IPTC cohort for a period of up to 2 semesters.

Our program is open to applications who are undergraduate and postgraduate exchange students.

We would like to provide the best facilities and environment for all of our students to be carefree and focus on their academic excellence. Postgraduate students are only allowed to access the postgraduate courses and can be selected at the eXchange at IPTC Courses page.

Local Exchange Students

Cross Exchange With UFAL (CEWU)

In collaboration with local institutes and universities, we have partnered up with University of Fine Arts, London (UFAL) in order to provide students with the ideal exchange programme that will begin in Fall 2010. From this exchange, we hope that students will be able to study and experience each of the two campus and institution lives at the hosting school while pursuing their degrees.

Types of Exchange Available

  • Partial Exchange

Select courses from UFAL and some from IPTC, students will be ensured for the courses and examination timetables for the courses they wish to take thus ensuring they will not clash with their current degree course at IPTC.

  • Full Exchange

You can sign up for a full, one semester of studies approved by IPTC at our school.

Registering Courses

Students needs to be responsible and ensure with their academic advisers in order to meet the equivalent pre-requisites, if any, at the IPTC.

For students who are accepted in the few courses at IPTC while continuing g their studies at UFAL, they need to check and confirm their approved courses with UFAL.

Please keep in mind that some of the courses offered are not for all exchange students.

Fees and Expenses

The tuition fees will be paid for by the UFAL to be waived by IPTC.

Only students nominated by UFAL can proceed to apply online.