Our Courses

Software Development

With our online courses, we offer tutorials and lectures in software development that addresses the process to create and mod your own plugins and programs with the help of our friendly tutors available for you online. Including methodologies, programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Java and Scala; software architecture and mod testing.



In our career driven and competitive economy today, it is important to stay ahead of your peers in your field of chosen speciality, to adapt, analyse ad overcome. Our Business course is designed to train and develop a broad business skill. Students will be given weekly assignments and theoretical with practical perspective thinking during online tutorials, such as inflation, taxation, global finance and trade, consumer behaviour and economic growth.


Banking & Finance

An online training in Accounting, Baking and Finance requires advanced problem-solving, analytical and numeracy skills and quantitative mindset that will prepare you for the career in finance sector in a wide range of various services. With an in-depth understanding from our online lectures, you will be able to better organise and operate a more valuable financial system. Focusing on fundamentals of economics, banking and finance with foundation for theory and practical studies.


Graphic Design & Fashion

With numeral trends and fashion industry booming, there is a vast scope of creativity and talent needed in the design sector. Industry experts have prepared online learning material with high-end research as per the industry standards to train you for the world of fashion design. You will be learning with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Design Software, etc.


Website & App Development

Being able to specialise in building web application is for those with a basic understanding of web design using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This course is for anyone with an interest in web application development. With our online course, you will be able to develop websites and mobile applications using Php, SQL for database creation, jQuery, JSON and JavaScript. With demonstration of data base design with hands on concepts.


Business English Communication Skills

With intricate understanding of business etiquette, you will be able to present yourself professionally in the field of business negotiations. Our courses are designed to teach you to communicate efficiently in English during professional contexts. By expanding the world view of vocabulary, improve your writing and speaking skills for both social and professional scenarios, you will be able to learn the terminology and skills needed.



Knowing how to grow your brand awareness is important by integrating your online and offline channels available to you. With digital market on trending and immense growth, it is important to know the target market. Our course help develop a multi-channel integrated marketing communication campaign covering the study of digital strategy using content creation, social medial presence and campaign management to effectively produce streamlined and coherent communication strategy.


Probability & Statistics

Our students will be helped with drawing a better statistical inference from empirical research by our online tutors. Practical, hands on  analytical assignments will help you stimulate t-tests to learn the p-values to be expected with calculated likelihood ratio’s and get an introduction to binomial Bayesian statistics thus learn about the positive predictive value. With such detailed courses, you will be industry ready.